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Synthetic work are carried out in fumehoods equipped with vacuum manifolds for work under inert atmosphere.


Other synthesis related equipment are Karl-Fischer apparatus for determination of trace water content (2013), mBraun SPS-800 solvent purification system (2013), Glovebox from Innovative Technology (2014), semi-automated Büchi rotervapors (R-210/V-855) (2011-13), Isolera One Automated Flash Chromatography system from Biotage (2014), Biotage Initiator Robot Eight microwave reactor with autosampler (2015), Agilent Cary100 (2015) with thermostated autosampler for UV-vis at different temperatures. Computer controlled Syrris Flow Chemistry setup with four pumps and autosampler (2016). All fumehoods are equiped with double manifolds, Edwards rotary vane vacuum pumps and N2 for working under oxygen free conditions.


The laboratory also features dishwashers for purification of chemical glassware.


On the floor we have access to MALDI-MS (Bruker Daltonics), 400 MHz Varian NMR equipped with autosampler and a 500 MHz Varian spectrometer. UV-vis and IR spectrometers, melting point apparatus for sample characterization. 2 new Zeiss Axioscope microscopes dedicated to dark field or polarized light microscopy and much more.

For more demanding NMR work, we have access to the Swedish NMR centre, 10 min. off campus, equipped with 900Mhz, 800Mhz x2, and 600 Mhz x3 Varian Spectrometers.


For nanoparticle and surface science analysis, we have access to a spread of dynamic and static light scattering instruments as well as surface charactarisation techniques. At our division we have a 200kV Jeol TEM for transmission electron microscopy and digital instruments Dimension 2000 AFM. We also routinely use a portefolio of high end SEM and TEM microscopes, (JEOL ARM200, FEI Technai TEM, FEI Titan TEM, FEI Ultra 55 SEM and FEI Quanta 200 ESEM). located at the Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory at Applied Physics at Chalmers.


For Micro and Nanofabrication work we have access to the clean room facility MC2 providing access to >1000 m2 of class 10-100 clean room with a number of advanced pieces of equipment. This includes a JBX 9300FS currently writing features down to 8 nm, a brand new FHR 150 mm sputter deposition system with 6 targets, a Lesker Spectros e-beam evaporation system with 8 sources, and much more. More information can be found at the MC2 laboratory web site.

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